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Classical Arabic. Official language.


Gastronomy in Egypt. Egypt’s gastronomy is very varied due to its geographical position, being a combination of African and Mediterranean cuisine. Fish is the first source of food, fishing in the Mediterranean. Among the meats the most common is lamb. Salads, beans and rice. To season and fry olive oil or sunflower oil are the most used. Bread is an accompaniment to all meals. Full medames: national dish the main ingredient is macerated broad beans, seasoned with garlic sauce, served with olive oil, parsley, onion and lemon.
Koshari: vegetarian dish prepared with a variety of ingredients, tomato, rice, pasta, lentils, rice, caramelized onions and chickpeas.
Babaganousg, Hummus, Dukkha, Dawood basha, Baklava egipcia.
These and many more dishes are part of the rich and abundant Egyptian cuisine, which is worth delighting.




Egypt offers accommodation for all prices and tastes, from modest accommodation in three-star hotels to luxurious five-star hotels, located facing the pyramids or on the banks of the Nile River. Luxury resorts in the Red Sea with all kinds of entertainment. Downtown Cairo has well-known and luxurious hotel chains. But also very good hotels and insurance for those who do not want to spend a lot. Ticket to ride has carefully selected five-star hotels.


Cruises on the Nile River are very famous, you can be sure that they are all five stars. Cruises are a fun and comfortable way to get to know the cities and monuments on their banks. Dahabiya is a smaller, private cruise widely used by groups of 10-20 people. If you think about taking one, I recommend you look carefully on the day of departure, they do not go out daily


Egypt has air, land, and maritime transportation. It also has one of the most modern systems in Africa. The metro, it covers practically the entire city of Cairo and they continue to create new routes, also very cheap. it is a safe, fast and clean system, it’s quite an experience. Also has public bus and minibus service in all cities. Carim and Uber are other options in Cairo and Alexandria. The train service connects Alexandria with Cairo and from there the routes to Luxor, Aswan and the interim cities. Many people use the night route.


Felucca is a small wooden sailboat. Used since time immemorial. Despite the motor boats and the ferries, the felucca is still active as a means of transportation in the Nile River, especially among tourists because they can enjoy the calm that motor boats do not offer. Very common in Luxor, Aswan and Cairo. Worth it sail the Nile River.


Egyptian pounds

Something Else

Ticket to Ride offers a variety of tours that are not listed on the website, for more information on group discounts or to work together you can contact me at: greatpyramidgizatravel@gmail.com Tours with A-B-C letters are variations of the same tour but depending on the departure days cruises can be more or less days on. Four-star hotels, some offer triple rooms. Or also in a three-star hotel if requested. Payment facilities ask for it.

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